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  • Did your school grow during the pandemic?
  • ​​Are you struggling to get mission-appropriate families to visit your campus?
  • ​What would it mean to your school to add 20-50 new students more than you added last year?
  • ​​What would it mean if your retention rate is over 91% annually? 
  • ​​Do you have a proven system to increase your enrollment that you can repeat year after year?
Students in Uniform
As a school leader, you are in a unique position to shape the future of Christian education. You can't afford to be passive!

Right now is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to impact your community with Christian education in ways never imagined even just 2 years ago. Do you have a sound strategy to reach new mission-appropriate families and to retain currently-enrolled families?

Are you ready to discover a proven and unique system which has helped countless schools increase the number of campus visits and retain current families?

Top 3 problems we repeatedly hear from Christian schools that stop them from growing:

"We don't have enough parents attending our open house and tours."

"There are not enough families completing their application."

"There are not enough applications converting into enrollment."

Admissions Director Talking To Family
If you want to successfully convert a school enrollment lead into a prospect, you must personally connect with them first.

We find that most admissions representatives can’t even get people to answer their phones or return their voicemails in order to make that connection. Great Admissions Directors discover innovative ways to overcome this challenge.

Want to know their secrets?

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