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From: The Desk of Ralph Cochran
RE: How To Quickly and Easily Accelerate Your School's Enrollment, Retention and Reputation in the next 30 days 
Dear Fellow Christian Administrator and Leader,

I’m going to show you how you can dramatically start increasing your students enrollments, while retaining your current ones and getting more mission-driven parents on board to help your school expand...

Did you know that most private, independent and Christian schools are struggling to hit their goals year after year?. 
 Maybe this sounds familiar:  
  • Sporadic enrollment,
  • Shrinking budgets, 
  • Limited Staff and Resources
  • Inability to know what works and does not
  • Lack of direction and effective systems to get the job done.
While the challenges come in all shapes and sizes, there’s a common denominator and real threat that boils down to Schools having little to no effective marketing strategy, and a lack of time and outdated tools promising to help boost enrollment.  Every year too many school leaders feel like they are shooting in the dark when it comes to planning their marketing budget and strategy. It is time for these ineffective and wasteful patterns to end so you can have peace of mind!

Over the past 15 years, I’ve poured everything into really ‘cracking the code’ which is my life’s mission to help Christian Schools Grow. I’m a devoted Christian family man with 6 kids, who fell in love with marketing, but most importantly, using and adapting the latest tools and systems that work in the business world to help Christian Schools grow. 
I Totally Understand

It’s not your fault. 
You’ve probably read all the marketing books and possibly even watched a few videos from the GURUS, heard a million opinions and got some free advice (usually worth about what you pay for it) and you’re more confused than ever….

That’s OK. This is what I do, so help is on the way. 
You're In The Right Place If You’re
  • Struggling to attract quality parents and students
  • Want to see more visitors to your campus via open houses and tours
  • Desire to have more of the visitors convert into applicants
  • Tired of using 'traditional marketing' tactics that no longer work and are expensive
  • Want to Learn how to 'think like a prospective millienial parent' and use our signature Schola System to leverage that power and enroll more students effortlessly. 
  • Wanting to learn how to market your school more effectively, while recruiting more students and increasing retention rates
  • Ready to attract 'Mission Appropriate' families to your school,  while building great 'Faith Based Content' that is aligned with your  schools mission and purpose 
  • Frustrated with typical ‘marketing strategies’ that don’t really connect the dots with your schools mission and goals 
  • You’re on a tight budget and want to leverage an online system  that you can do from anywhere, anytime, anyplace by yourself or team to help your school grow by leveraging the power of the internet and your website 
OK. So 
What Is the Schola School Marketing Accelerator™ (SSMA)  And What Can I Expect It To Help Me Do For My School? 
The Most Effective System For Enrolling, Retaining and Increasing In The New Economy…

You could go out and read every book ever written on marketing, enrolling, retaining and systematizing your school. Spend HOURS interviewing industry insiders, and actually go out in the field and DO this stuff like I have.


Have myself and team actually SHOW YOU how to use my SYSTEM to specifically Enroll More and Retain More of your students, the right way and start seeing results in the coming year….

No fluff. Just the raw information and SYSTEM you need to ENROLL MORE and RETAIN MORE to help grow your school the Right Way.

Here’s Just A LITTLE Of What You’ll Discover Inside Schola School Marketing Accelerator (SSMA)... 
Mastermind members have direct access to the Schola staff and like-minded peers through our private Facebook Group. This is an online community where you'll ask questions and discuss marketing and admissions challenges. You'll get fresh ideas from Schola’s team and from other schools participating in the community as well.
Ralph Cochran, Schola team members, and special guests will appear for FB Live and webinar sessions on various topics regularly offering insights, tips, and tricks that will help you become better at marketing your school. 

This focused and thoughtful mastermind group will become a place you will come back to time and again to test your ideas and learn new strategies.
The Schola team hosts monthly live video conferences with all members to discuss current school marketing trends and topics. These are focused group coaching calls designed to address your challenges and opportunities. Attendees are able to submit questions and engage directly with our leaders.
Recent topics have included:
  •  How to build an Inbound School Marketing Budget vs a Tradtional budget
  •  Establishing a Parent Ambassador Word of Mouth Marketing Team
  •  How to properly use Social Media in your Marketing strategy
Wouldn’t it be helpful to have a marketing expert look over your shoulder every so often to tell you what you are doing well, give you direction, and make sure you avoid making costly mistakes?
That is what our One on One Coaching is all about! We want to be there for you when you need us.
All Schools signing up for Schola’s School Growth System will be enrolled in our Advanced One On One Coaching for the first 4 months at no additional charge.  

This includes three 45-minute individual coaching sessions over a four month period.

During these sessions, Schola's team will assess your current marketing strategy and advise you on how to build a custom marketing plan for your school. You can also email our team for direct response to your questions in between sessions. 

Please note: Four months of the Advanced coaching program are included as part of the DIY School Marketing System.

After 4 months, students have the option to continue with Advanced coaching (at the one time 60% discount of $200 month), downgrade to the basic group coaching at $79 month, or opt out from the coaching programs altogether. 

After the introductory period regardless of whether you are enrolled in our one on one or group coaching programs you will still have lifetime access to the on-demand marketing course.

This is not a generic marketing course for any business or industry. Instead, the school marketing course features 5 learning modules that address the goals and challenges specific to the world of private school education. We understand your joys and trials and we speak the same language.
5) School Marketing Bootcamp - Value $1000
All members of Schola’s School Growth Marketing System will receive 50% discounts on any upcoming online or live bootcamps we will host. 

If you are a member of the advanced coaching program you will receive a 75% discount for all members of your school that attend. . 
Founders Club membership is limited to the grand opening of Schola University. We're offering special bonuses to the first Group of registrants. The first cohort of Schola University students will experience the course together while we improve it and make it available to more school leaders. Founders Club members will receive 4 months of advanced tier coaching (value of $4,000), group coaching(value $2000) and have access to all future updates to Schola University at no additional cost.
Satisfied Clients Who Trust Schola
See The Results Our Current Students Are Getting For Their Schools
A School Growth Story
From 48 to 120 Students in Two Years!
Watch our on-demand webcast and learn how a school in a small town grew from 48 students to 120 students in 2 years.

Special Guest: Amy Walker from Heritage Oak School 
(Quick Time Out)...
A Litte Bit About Me…
(short but sweet)
In the late 1990’s, I was enjoying my career selling high-tech products with AT&T and Lucent Technologies in and around the New York City, New Jersey, and Philadelphia region. I also started a commercial real estate investment company.

Although my experience in the business world was successful, my heart was in helping young people establish a Christian worldview and become leaders who would impact our culture for Christ.  
At 27 years old in 1999, my passion led me to co-found and grow a Christian school. Over the course of the following thirteen years, I voluntarily served as board president and a short two year period as superintendent.

Around 2012, I decided to reset and move on from the business world. I still had a strong desire to help Christian schools thrive and impact students and families. Schola Inbound Marketing was birthed from my idea to marry the best practices from the business world to the world of private Christian schools.

Since 2013, my team and I have helped all types of Christian schools, as well as Christian universities, grow enrollment. We partner with administrative teams from all over the country to fully focus on creating financial sustainability through enrollment growth. 
Will You Be Our 
Next Success Story?
(we are looking for a few more Dream School Clients)
Are You Next? 
Ty Fischer
Veritas Academy
Stephen Allen
Director of Admissions & Communications 
Patrick Henry College
Why Pioneers Get Scalped
There's an old saying in business "Pioneers get scalped but settlers prosper". Think about it, you go out and try this on your own.

Can you imagine how much FASTER and EASIER it is when you follow a PROVEN SYSTEM of dozens of “Pioneers” BEFORE you, that made 1000's of costly mistakes before being successful at enrolling, retaining and growing their Christian School .

Imagine this… 

Your students’ parents becoming much more receptive to your calls. Your conversations flow effortlessly toward the next step in your enrollment process. There's NO, convincing or manipulating the conversion because you're now using a PROVEN SYSTEM in helping your prospecting parents get what they want (from your website, school tour and enrollment process) and yes, it’s a millienial friendly strategy!

Your School is NOW viewed as... THE authority for quality Christian Education in your community (and you’re no longer your ‘towns best kept secret’, because of all the time savings using this SYSTEM, you're now able to schedule MORE RSVPS/TOURS aquire more qualified applicants, and enroll more students - FASTER! 
Want A Little Taste Of What’s Inside 
our On-Demand Course that is included with the School Growth Marketing System ?
Get A Sneak Peak Below
Course Overview
Module 1: Essential Strategies for Enrollment Growth
  • Part 1: The Unique Challenges School Marketers Face Today
  • Part 2: The Reasons Why Traditional Marketing is No Longer Effective
  • Part 3: The Benefits of the Inbound Approach to School Marketing
       - Additional Resources 
       - Downloadable Content
Module 2: The Right Way to Approach School Marketing
  • Part 1: What Inbound Marketing Is and Is Not
  • Part 2: Inbound Marketing as a Philosophy
  • Part 3: Inbound Marketing as a Strategy
  • Part 4: Inbound Marketing as a Methodology
       - Additional Resources
       - Downloadable Content
Module 3: Marketing to the Right Audience
  • Part 1: Today's Parents and Marketplace
  • Part 2: Buyer Persona Creation
  • Part 3: Steps to Build Your Buyer Persona (Real Life Example)
       - Additional Resources
       - Downloadable Content
Module 4: Marketing at the Right Time
  • Part 1: Buyer's Journey
  • Part 2: An Illustration of the Buyer's Journey
  • Part 3: School Marketing in Action (Email Workflow: Choosing a Private School)
       - Additional Resources
       - Downloadable Content
Module 5: Putting It All Together
  • Part 1: Behind the Scenes of an Inbound Marketing Campaign
  • Part 2: Behind the Scenes: Campaign Creation (Financial Aid)
       - Additional Resources
       - Downloadable Content
Here’s The REAL PROOF…
Below are just a few people who have gone through 
Schola School Marketing Accelerator™ (SSMA) and 
worked with our TOP level School Marketing trainers. 

Here's what they had to say... 
This OFFER For A Very LIMITED TIME ONLY, At A Very Low Investment On The Next Page… 

Time is Very Much "Of the Essence"...  

I can't stress the time-sensitiveness of this offer enough.

Not only will these SPOTS go quickly (at which point the current discount will expire) and trust me, you don't want to miss it.  
My Personal Guarantee

Your entire investment today is backed by a full 30-Day 100% Money-Back-Guarantee so you can use this information and decide for yourself the value, risk-free, for the next Month.

If you signup up for the School Growth System and at anypoint over the next 30 days do not find it valuable I will refund you 100% of your money.
I look forward to helping you skyrocket your schools Enrollment.
Retention and Reputation.

Ralph Cochran 
Schola Inbound Marketing
Creator: Schola School Marketing Accelerator™ (SSMA)